How to get free domain and hosting in the internet?  

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Do you want to get free domain and hosting in the internet?
Following these steps:

How To Get Free Domain
1. Click here or the image below

CO.CC:Free Domain

2. Determine the name of domain that you interest
3. If your domain is available as the following image, you can continue the registration by clicking "Continue to registration"
4. The next page is login page. If you already have account in, you can login directly. But if you has not registered, click link "Create an account now". The next step is filling the form such as name, address, email address, password, etc

5. After creating account, you will find the page that inform your domain already registered, you will be give 48 hours to setup your domain.

So you click the button "set up".
Then choose “Manage DNS” fill the form as follow
Name Server1 :
Name Server2 :

Then click "Setup", then apears “Your change has been submitted” you click “OK”.

How To Get Free Hosting

1. Register here or clicking the following image

Free Website Hosting

2. After register at 000webhost, the you can start setup you hosting, by inputing the web address that you choose at

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