How to convert from IDE to AHCI in Windows XP?  

Posted by Bagaimana Cara

I read some articles said that hard disk with type AHCI is better than IDE based on performance point of view. This information encourage me to change the format of my notebook hard drive from IDE to AHCI

I used ACER 4530 and Windows XP Proffesional as Operating System

The steps:

1. Download driver AHCI/SATA for XP that support you notebook or PC
For you that use Acer 4530 can download the driver here

2. Extract file *.rar
3. Open Control Panel, click Add New Hardware
4. Yes, already connected, browse to the bottom, hit, "Add A New Device"
5. No, Have Disk, browse the directory where we extract the .rar file. Chose file nvgts.inf
6. Uninstall other Standard IDE controllers (NOT Primary nor Secondary)
7. Reboot and enter the BIOS
8. Change the hard disk type from IDE to AHCI mode
9. Enter the Windows… , if it is succesfull you will not find Blue Screen, but if you failed you will find Blue Screen
10. Windows will install the driver automatically and ask for restart
11. Restart your windows
12. Go to Device Manger by pressing shortcut Win+PauseBreak
13. You will see 2 AHCI Controller, hapus one of then that has exlamation mark
14. Done!

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