Axacore, The Best Faxing And Document Imaging Solution.  

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Are you a person that have difficulty in managing the documentation process (fax, letters, scan
document, etc) in your office? Are you a person who wants to speed up the process and practicality in managing documentation process of your office? If yes, then the solution that you can take is Axacore ( What is Axacore? Axacore provide a service is for fax and documentation management that already use high technology that can make the process fast and easy to use.

Axacore is in San Diego, California, USA. Visit the website at On this website ( you can find out more complete about the products that Axacore offered. Visit Axacore ( soon to solve your office documentation problem.

Here I will explain about two main products of Axacore. If you have visited website (, then you will find that Axacore has two excellent products, those are FaxAgent and Xdoc.

First product is FaxAgent (, these tools work for managing your fax documentation at your office
. By using this tool will help you to get faster, secure, and easy in managing your fax process. For more information you can view them at In addition FaxAgent ( can be integrated with various applications in your office, so that it is very user friendly.

Second product is Xdoc (, this tool works for all kinds of office documentation, such as e-book, books, letters, etc. By using this tool, the documentation in your office will be more structured and practical. For more information about this tool, you can visit As like FaxAgent (, Xdoc ( jg can be integrated easily with existing applications in your office. Visit the website here to find out all specifications needed to install the Xdoc ( and its other benefits.