How To Set and Choose Your Football Goal?  

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How To Set and Choose Your Football Goal?

If you plan to make football field, one of the most important thing that should you concern is about goal football.

The goal should be placed in the center of each goal line. Wide goal is 3 m measured from the inside pole. High while the goal is 2 m measured from the inside of the goal post crossbar to the ground.

Pole-sectional shape that allowed the boxes and circles, but circle-sectional shape is preferred, because it is relatively more secure than if the crash was also the reflection of the ball with more circular cross-section pole directions accurately produce.

Nylon nets goal, which tied into the goal post and crossbar. Goal depth is 80 cm to the top of the goal, and 100 cm for the bottom.

So, where I can get good material for my goal football? I suggest you watch two following videos to get good football goal:

1. Portable Football Goals
By using portable football goal, it will be easy to move the goal to the place as you want. See the video here :portable football goals

2. Inflatable Football Goals
By using inflatable football goals, it will prevent the goal from broken because of big hit from the ball. See the video here:inflatable football goals